We manufacture wrapping machines designed to work with chocolate and chocolate-like products, used for coating pralines, wafers, bars, chocolates, sweets, etc. We are ready to adapt and optimise coating machine performance and parameters to particular applications.
We additionally equip our machines with product transport systems.

Our wrapping machines are produced as stand-alone machines adapted to existing production lines at our Customer’s plants or in combination with our other production machines - cooling tunnels and transport systems. If necessary, we also equip our machines with various product decoration systems. We know that in confectionery industry product appearance is crucial, therefore all sizes of our machines, their performance and coating method, are selected individually for a specific type of product. This enables our Customers’ products to look aesthetic, appetizing and to encourage purchase. All wrapping machines are equipped with an intuitive and modern control system.

Main attributes of our wrapping machines:

  • The entire structure - frame, tank, tub, mesh - all made of polished stainless steel AISI 304.
  • A possibility of total or one-sided chocolate coating.
  • Structure seated on feet with a possibility of precise levelling.
  • Chocolate tank with heating jacket equipped with stirrer and flow meters
  • Double curtain for chocolate application.
  • Distribution tray with height adjustment.
  • Vibrating chocolate removal system.
  • Exchangeable chocolate tray equipped with a stirrer.
  • Intuitive control panel, use of temperature, level, flow and speed sensors.