Screen and vibrating sifters are used for sifting loose materials such as powders, granules or grain and their division into fractions, e.g. in order to remove impurities from the product.

We produce sifters in single or multi-level versions with several sieves, designed for filtration of various types of food products. In our separators, we generally use two electric vibrators to amplify horizontal and vertical vibrations, resulting in very high efficiency during product filtration. The detailed specification of each machine is selected individually for specific applications based on product specifications and samples delivered by the Customer. 

Our sifters are manufacture in such way as to allow swift and easy replacement and periodical sieves cleaning.  The hermetic, airtight housing prevents the product from escaping to the outside and eliminates the occurrence of dust outside the separator. We often supply sifts in combination with pneumatic product transport systems, which are perfect for transporting loose products that pose a risk of dusting.