Cooling tunnels are most often used to transport and cool various types of confectionery products, e.g. biscuits, bars freshly coated with chocolate and all kinds of substances that should have a low temperature during the production process.

We also offer developing tunnels that increase the temperature of transported medium.

Depending on Customer’s requirements, we most often develop cooling tunnels with a width of 40 to 2000 mm and a length ranging from 25 to 100 m. 

We use high quality conveyor belts with appropriate approvals for food industry. Covers installed in our tunnels are characterized by high hermetic tightness and excellent thermal insulation properties. This allows to reduce operating costs and improves the properties of the technological process. We offer a few proven variants of covers location. An important feature of tunnels, developed by our designers, is a small number of fasteners, i.e. bolts and rivets used in production. As with our other machines, we ensure that tunnels are equipped with sensors and controls tailored to Customer’s requirements.