We offer a range of services related to assembly of machines, production and technological lines. We also carry out related construction works. We provide services in lying and insulating pipelines.

We provide services in lying and insulating pipelines. Thanks to our team of experienced fitters, with dozens of orders executed at our Contractors’ factories, we implement many unconventional tasks that require an unconventional approach.

We specialize in assembly of technological lines built based on our own equipment, as well as with addition of equipment from other well-known companies. The scope of our services also includes comprehensive relocation of production lines or their individual components throughout Europe, including integration and commissioning at new locations. Line components are subject to maintenance inspections and, if necessary, repairs and extensions with new equipment.

We offer:

  • design and construction of production equipment, transport systems together with transmission and technological installations
  • foundation and assembly of machines, production equipment owned by the Customer
  • adaptation of equipment and production lines according to Customer’s requirements
  • participation and technical assistance in the commissioning of equipment and production lines
  • execution of works related to relocation of machines and production lines
  • installation of pipelines and insulation works
  • Repair works on production lines
  • Welding services