Our offer includes various types of silos designed for loose substances: silos seated horizontally, vertically, as well as insulated and uninsulated silos.

We develop silos of different shapes and dimensions, in many different configurations depending on Customer requirements. Where silos’ dimensions exceed transport capabilities, the device is manufactured on site.

We offer silos equipped with:

  • dehumidified airflow
  • aerovibrators
  • active bottoms
  • monitoring of level and temperature, humidity, strain gauges, etc.
  • service platforms
  • wall and roof ladders
  • inspection hatches
  • overpressure and vacuum safety flaps
  • dust extraction filters
  • thermal insulation
  • heating and cooling systems
  • magnetic and sieve filters
  • filling connections, e.g. for road tankers 

... and many other improvements.

Silos and tanks combined with complete installations

We often develop silos and tanks in combination with complete installations for transporting raw materials.
We produce both free-standing silos on our own supporting structure with concrete foundations, as well as groups of silos and tanks located on a shared supporting frame.

We also offer comprehensive construction works related to foundation of new silos.