Transmission installations are an inseparable element of technological installations in which tanks and silos are used. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of tanks and silos, our company is also experienced in designing, prefabricating and assembling piping systems:

  • single-jacket
  • double-jacket
  • triple-jacket
  • with water heating jacket
  • with steam heating jacket
  • insulated or uninsulated

Precise preparation of installation’s prefabricates contributes to a significant reduction in installation time, which results in time and cost savings for the entire project.

We offer prefabrication and assembly of pipelines in all available nominal diameters. We use different ways of connecting pipelines, e.g. flanged, threaded, and clamped. Depending on the working environment, we offer various materials, mainly stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316. The insulation and its sheathing are selected individually, according to Customer’s needs. We use different insulation materials depending on the parameters of the technological process and working environment. 

At Customer’s request, we equip pipelines with valves, flow meters, sensors, magnetic filters of our own manufacture and flow forcing systems, the type of which is selected for a given type of product, making all of our installations meet all and even the most exorbitant requirements of the technological process which they are a part of.