Belt conveyors

This is the most popular type of conveyors used by our Customers. We develop belt conveyors that enable transport of any kind of products of various sizes. We offer straight belt conveyors, Z-type, L-type, as well as curved conveyors in the range from 30° to 180°. We use many types of belts - from light transport belts, through modular, mesh and lamellar constructions, to acetal chains and transport belts. In case of products intended for food industry, we provide the required approvals for all materials in contact with food products. 

We use various forms of conveyor tips - roller and nose conveyors, especially useful in interconnecting the conveyors for transporting small products. 

All conveyors we develop are equipped with a convenient mechanism for adjusting the tension of the conveyor belt. We produce both open and hermetic closed constructions. We offer steel and plastic covers made of polycarbonate and PVC.