The growing number of orders and assembly tasks has led us to decide to buy new cars and a compact, easy-to-transport crane. Our fleet has been based so far on Volkswagen cars. This time we decided to give a chance to other manufacturers by buying Iveco and Mercedes vehicles. These cars are able to accommodate up to 7 people and are characterised by high payloads. Both are also distinguished by high power and significantly reinforced suspension that goes beyond the standard offer. We hope that this will increase their reliability.

In the same period, we also purchased a mobile crane (crawler crane) from BGLIFT, intended for assembly works. The crane’s lifting capacity ranges from 650 kg at a height of 16m to 2500 kg, at a height of 1.5m. The machine is equipped with, among others, a remote control and electronic stabilisation system, it also has the ability to mount a winch and a special basket to lift people. Among the many advantages and functionality, however, the largest is the compactness of the crane. After folding, it is suitable for transport in a small trailer, and the time it takes to prepare for transport or operation takes only a few minutes! We encourage you to see the pictures.